Thursday, November 11, 2010

Deploy Project Server 2010 on SharePoint 2010

By any chance if you come across the requirement of installing and configuring Microsoft Project Server 2010, technet has provided a nice and easy guide of deploying Project Server 2010.

In this section:

Sunday, November 7, 2010

SharePoint 2010 Farm Topologies

Normally a SharePoint Farm topology vary on number of factors.

1) Number of users.
2) Redundancy requirements.
3) Service applications being used.

Looking back at SharePoint 2007, it was SSP (aka Shared Service Provider) we had. But with the new service applications model in SP 2010 the users have greater flexibility in deployments.

Given below are the different Farm Topologies used in SP 2010 Deployments.

Single Server Farm
This is ideal for a user base of less than 100. This farm consists of a single server catering the requirement of the Web Front End (WFE), Database Server and the Application Server.


Two Server Farm
This farm is equipped with one Database Server and one Webserver that performs all the application services. For high availability a clustered or mirrored database server is recommended. This farm can cater the requirement of 100 to 10,000 user base.

Two-Tier Small Farm
This environment is adequate for a user base of 10,000 to 20,000 with low service usage. Two Web Servers, one Web Server performing the tasks of the Application Server and the Database Server (clustered or mirrored).

Three-Tier Small Farm
Three-Tier small farm is much more similar to a Two-Tier Small Farm. A dedicated Application Server is added to cater the requirements of the Services. To improve the performance of the Search Service a the Search Database can be moved to a dedicated Database server. This Farm Topology is ideal for a solution with a Search Database containing nearly 10 million items which can be considered as a large Search Database. Though its optional, it’s a good practice to have a Database Cluster or a mirror.

Medium Farm
This is a Three-Tier Farm. The general rule in planning is to have 10,000 users for a WFE Server. In the First Tier we can utilize two or more Web Servers. In the Second Tier there are two servers dedicated to crawling contents and serving search queries and one or more servers for all other application services. In the Third Tier there are dedicated servers for Search Databases and one or more servers can be used for all other SharePoint Databases.
The middle tier can be expanded to to handle the growth by adding more servers to cater the requirement of application services.
*optional servers are in gray color.

Large Farm
A Large Farm is built on the Server Group concept as it used in the Medium Farm. Additionally a Large Farm could consist of dedicated servers for Sandboxed code.

It's always recommended to use the concept of “server groups” to group services with similar performance characteristics together onto a single server and then add servers based on the needs of those particular services.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Visual Studio 2010 and SharePoint 2010 Launch at SLIIT

SLIIT is one of the most popular Universities in Sri Lanka. I was invited to host two technical sessions in the month of August for the launch of VS 2010 and SP 2010.

The first session was on Visual Studio 2010. Covered most of the new and cool features of VS 2010 IDE.


My second session was all about my love Smile SharePoint 2010. Actually this was a totally new experience for most of the participants as it was the first time they heard about SharePoint. But feedback I received made me amazed, session was a kick start for many students.



Read Uditha’s Blog for more pics.

ASP.NET Workshop at Wayamba University

This was a two day session. I was invited as a guest speaker to host a session on ASP.NET. The attendees were very enthusiastic about the session. As it was a Workshop they were managed to work on Visual Studio and to create ASP.NET applications.

Visual Studio is a product which can be used to develop applications without having a clue about basic concepts or core of it. But as a techie, that’s something I strongly refuse to do nor guide anybody. So with the chance I got, I hosted the session giving an introduction on how ASP.NET handles a client requests.


Thanks to Mr. Wellington, Microsoft Student Champs and to Wayamba Uni Team.

I was at Tech.Ed 2010 Sri Lanka

Yep I’m way too late to publish this post. But today I found few community sessions I did, which I couldn’t publish in my blog, so its always better to be late than never.

It was in February 2010, Microsoft Sri Lanka organized Tech-Ed 2010 Sri Lanka. The second day, 9th February 2010 was a remarkable day for me. I was invited to host a 1 hour Session on Microsoft Wrokflow Foundation 4.0 by the organizing committee. Though 1 hour is not enough, I gave an introduction to WF and to the new features of WF 4.0.


Bruce Schneier, the security guru was one of the guest speakers. I was lucky to sit for a pic with him Smile