Saturday, February 11, 2017

Add a new user to an existing Azure Subscription

As the title says, this is very simple task. But understand the structure and providing proper access the correct subscription is sometimes a tricky task.

Let me explain my scenario. I'm using a single Microsoft account to log in to Azure Portal where I manage multiple Azure Subscriptions. I wanted to add a user or grant permissions to another users to one of Azure Subscriptions where he can manage resources.

So, the first thing did was, select the subscription and select Access control (IAM). In the image you can see I've already given permission to 2 users the necessary permission.

Click on Add where you will see a blade with the all available roles, scope of where the users permission will be set to and where you can select/search your user.

If your use is already added to your AD, the name will be displayed in the dropdown. If not you can still search for the user and provide the access rights. In my scenario, its just the Contributer access I wanted to provide.
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