Monday, January 30, 2012

Looking back at SharePoint Sri Lanka User Group

2011 was a successful year for the SharePoint community in Sri Lanka. Few of us with the help of Microsoft, started the SharePoint Sri Lanka User Group.  I will never forget the great help and encouragement received from Dinesh Priyankara and Gogula in making this dream come true. Oh! special thanks goes to Wellington Perera. Thanks all who contributed by conducting sessions and to all who attended and making each session a success.

I gave a promise of giving T-Shirts to the first 10 users. Let’s see, what if someone sponsors to give T-shirts to the first 100 users Angel.

Keep on counting… it’s 2012, we have a lot planned for you. Winking smile

1st Session
01 - SriLankaSharePointForum - 12th January 2011

2nd Session
02 - SriLankaSharePointForum - 9th February 2011

3rd Session
03 - SriLankaSharePointForum - 9th March 2011

4th Session
04 - SriLankaSharePointForum - 11th May 2011

5th Session
05 - SriLankaSharePointForum - 8th June 2011

6th Session
06 - SriLankaSharePointForum - 13th July 2011

7th Session
07 - SriLankaSharePointForum - 14th September 2011

8th Session
08 - SriLankaSharePointForum - 12th October 2011

9th Session
09 - SriLankaSharePointForum - 14th December 2011

Let’s continue…

Yep, It’s more than 6 months since my last blog post. It wasn’t a break!! and on excuse accepted too!! But I was doing a lot of offline contribution to the SharePoint community in Sri Lanka by hosting sessions, doing trainings and providing consultancy. And not to forget the contribution made towards the success of SharePoint Sri Lanka User Group.

I’m back on my blog… Want to continue sharing my knowledge, my experience from projects with the Online Community. Lets continue… Nerd smile