Sunday, June 7, 2009

Design Patterns in .NET Framework

First of all I would like to thank all who participated for Sri Lanka .NET Forum June 4th Session and to make it a success. Also my special thanks go to Wellinton and Jinath who gave me this opportunity.

Time to apologies, I’m extremely sorry for getting delayed [3 days] to upload the presentation. Presentation is uploaded here in PDF format [PDF reader required].

Please do not think twice in putting your comments about the session… all kinds of comments are welcome.


Sandun said...
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Sandun said...

You did the presentation very well.

And the number of participants indicates how much the community need to know about the topic because they are lack of it, including me.

Good Luck!

Chathuranga said...

The session was good n was use full a lot. It seems to be that the pdf u'v uploaded is corrupted can't open. Pls look in to this issue.

Prabath said...

Hi Chathuranga,

Thanks a lot.
I checked and the pdf is working fine, I tried in pdf reader 9. Try downloading using IE as skydrive is from Microsoft. ;)
Even if that doesn't seems to work, pls drop a mail to I'll mail you the presentation.


Ludmal De Silva said...

Great Work macho! I saw the slides. ;-) You better do another presentation on how to solve a real world problem scenario by using these patterns, also how we can use interface with .net extensions. Good Luck! cheers!!

randimae said...

Yes, a great Session. It helps me a lot. Hope you will conduct another session on real world problems as Mr. Ludmal said. It will also be very helpful to us.

Cheers !!!

Shiham said...

It was a quite a useful one indeed.
Eye opener for those who use those patterns but not knowing what they are. I really liked the way you made a duck to fly High :)
Hats off and looking forward for another aggressive session

Selva said...

Could not download the presentation.