Tuesday, June 9, 2009

VSTS 2010 First Look

I’m amazed to see the UI of the next version of Visual Studio, VSTS 2010. It looks sooo cool as it’s developed on WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation). According to the Program Manager responsible for the Start Page in the Visual Studio Adrian Collier, we can create custom start pages. Below I’ve uploaded screen shots of the default start page.

WPF has been criticised for being resource-hungry, lacking some standard control elements and inadequate designer support in Visual Studio. Come on… can a newborn run? WPF celebrated its 1st Birthday sometime back. Now it can talk, laugh and walk. I guess VSTS 2010 is the first enterprise application running on WPF “tasting my own dog food”. I’m really proud of you WPF.

If interested creating your own start page, check out this URL.

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