Friday, December 4, 2009

How the Windows 7 start up animation evolved

Recently I saw this article on how the Windows 7 start up animation evolved and not to forget, the person behind the Windows 7 start up animation, Rolf Ebeling.

image “Having only been with the company for four months and suddenly finding myself working on the first thing millions of people would see when they started up Windows 7 … was a peculiar realization to wake up to each morning,” Ebeling says.


Link to the original article with video.


Chanaka said...

the blogger & Rolf Ebeling have same look & feel

Ravin Perera said...

Actaully the original article is not from neowin. It's from Microsoft Engineering Windows 7 blog:

There are lot of articles describing various internal redesigns they made to windows 7. You might find it really interesting.

Madhuka said...

@ Ravin: True, thxx

@ Prabath: make following gadget to blog so to make to follow..